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The Happiness Insider

Insights & Inspiration for Purposeful Living

May 2023

Welcome to a bit of a passion project, a bit of an on purpose offering, a monthly newsletter. You are free to join in or leave through an unsubscribe, however, I am inviting you to stay.

I have been wanting to write about all I have been learning through life, courses and readings for a while (my whole life 😃) and while I share regularly via live teachings, in The Happiness Studio, The Creator’s Circle and Yoga Classes - writing something, along with curating information has long been a desire, a passion and a calling for me.

I am trusting myself and you with this newsletter. I am trusting myself to share from my heart that which is asking to be shared. I am trusting you to find a glimmer of inspiration, a curiosity spark, a tidbit to support you along the path of happiness, purpose and meaning, take what you love, leave what you don’t. Together we will enliven this project.

In this newsletter you will find reflections on teachings/readings, book club news, thoughts and tips on happiness, getting and staying inspired and how you might live a life of purpose. You may also find quotes, links to further information and other fun bits of life knowledge. I will also be adding any links you may find useful at the end of the newsletter as opposed to being embedded within the text.

Thank you, again, always for being with me on the journey. 

Find the First Edition of The Happiness Insider Here - in a downloadable PDF 

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