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Client Attraction 

Private Session or  Workshop

Are you Self Employed?

A high percentage of my clients are self employed women - brilliant focused and sharp.

These women are excited about their work, yet at times 

need a session  or attend a workshop to polish their determination.

Maybe you have gotten lost in the busy-ness of your business and lost the love

Feel disconnected from the heart of your business.

For you brilliant one  I offer a fun and fabulous session or attend a workshop. 

Maybe you are so happy in your business you are ready

 to be more, create more, offer more - 

Client Attraction will still work for you! 

I believe it is important to work with clients we love and are simply lovely and perfect for us. It makes the work we do meaningful and magical.

How do you go about getting these perfect clients?

Well, my belief is -- you attract them, by being you, your best wonderful self. 

You attract them by being so very clear on:

  • who they are 
  • what they like
  • what they need and then 
  • we consider who YOU are in the plan

Who is this for?  
If you working from your heart and want to make an impact on other's in a positive way as well as BE happy in your work, this type of appointment or class may be for YOU.
Are you a coach, consultant, creator, teacher, home based, growing a business, stuck - need inspiration?  
I have worked with bookkeepers, sales agents, coaches, direct marketing sales directors, consultants, massage therapists, property owners, freelance contractors...basically if your heart is in the success of your clients AND your heart is in the success* of your business - well, this my friend, may be a wonderful workshop for you.   

*remember, success is subjective* 

I am happy to work with you privately or with your business partner 

Private Two Hour Session: $275
(see group offering below)

This is not currently available - however, if you are truly interested I'd be happy to speak about scheduling something special for you. - please connect -

Group Class Offering

Group Class Details - (for the next offering) 

We meet for 75 minutes for 3 Fridays beginning on: TBD
You are invited to join the Private FB Group for free - specifically for you - Client Attractors, Business Enhancers, Heart Centered Business Owners. 

As stated above: 

You attract your perfect to work with client by being so very clear on:

  • who they are
  • what they like
  • what they need and then
  • we consider who YOU are in the plan
Here is what is on offer: 
  •  3 - 75 minute group classes/ coaching 
  • FB Group to ask questions, share successes and support
  • Small group - so you are seen, heard and can share - max 6 people
  • Class Fee: $185.00

Group experience = where brilliant minds meet

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