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I say yes to a world filled with happiness, peace & joy.​

The Facts of My Life 

  • Married since the 80s, - to someone I fell for at first sight
  • We have two grown daughters who are out in the world creating fabulous lives for themselves
  • I am grandmother to two brilliant wise beings, who keep reminding me, magic & wonder is available in every moment
  • I am a committed self directed learner and AM always enrolled in a course or two - currently learning how to code. 
  • I love popcorn & movies - I have watched Sense & Sensibility so many times I know the script 
  • I own about 400 books, and I'd say I have read about 1/4 of these, so I am all set for a little while - a few years ago I released about 250 books- I think they multiply at night 
  • I love colouring, doodling, like zen doodles and other  creative ventures
  • I believe we have the power to change ourselves and then our world
  • I am great friend, I know loads of people, and yet keep my intimate friends as if like rare jewels, safe and well tended
  • I love A Course in Miracles - if you don't know the teaching - I recommend it everyone 
  • I am an early riser 
  • While I love country music I have been known to kitchen dance to the latest music of Pit Bull and Bruno Mars -- so all is fair game
  • I love soft clothes and a smooth vodka on the rocks 
  • I love trees & tree stumps - listening to the wind move through the forest - is like listening to the ocean for me
  • I study very interesting topics such as brain function and movement mechanics {interesting to me, lol}
  • I can be found on many hot summer afternoons floating in a unicorn in our backyard pool
  • I love the process of coaching
  • I know yoga is magical movement for the body
  • I love to journal, understanding this is my deep form of prayer and therefore creation
  • I live from a grateful heart
  • I am creative and love designing, leading/teaching courses on interesting topics, which interestingly enough are usually about being happy and fabulous
  • I have, like many of you lost loves, family and friends - and I know the point of our lives is carry on - with meaning and purpose
  • I was one of the 88 000 evacuated during a wildfire in 2016
  • I supported my parents with help during cancer treatments for my Dad
  • I know the events we have in our lives can create a great depth to our being - think: post traumatic growth
  • I have be​en in the business of wellness & happiness for almost 30 years 
  • believe happiness is our highest purpose
  • I am a life coach, facilitator, instructor, consultant, mentor, yoga teacher, grandmother, friend, wife, mother, daughter, & sister in no particular order
  • I love the rich deep words of John O'Donohue
  • I love magazines, there is something quite fabulous about them
  • I am an Assistant Wish Granter with Make a Wish - so fun 
  • I am.....the story continues...
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