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[Outside the every] Day Book (blog edition)

An ongoing series of daily musings, thoughts and curiosities

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10 May 2022

I have started a book club.  It has been interesting so far - with what people are sharing in The Happiness Studio. Interesting facts about how they are consuming the book and how they are feeling as they read or listen to it.  
This adds another element to book club.  How are they creating time to get the reading done, are they simply moving through the book, are they studying it. 
Some will arrive on June 8 having enjoyed the book - or not.  That is fine.  
I am looking forward to the brilliant discussion.  The group gathering is brilliant and well read and eager to learn and to grow. 

So how do you read a book? Pen in hand to capture ideas, words?  Do you write ideas in a journal or do you write in the margins?  Or perhaps you simply read it, without note. 

What about listening?  Thoughts on an audio book?  

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