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Affirmations ~ Power Filled Words for Life Change

Join me for this brand new workshop! 
We will explore your true desires,
 in all areas of your life

*spiritual, etc 

We will discover your true goals - then create power filled statements; affirmations with your own words and thoughts - you will leave the workshop with the a strong tool to support you on your journey of success. 

Due to the personal attention each participant will receive this workshop will have limited registration

From the brilliant Wayne Dyer: 

"...the 'I am' will allow you to rise to previously unimagined heights. Teach your outer self to accept the unlimited power of your inner spirit and the things you place in your imagination can become true for you." 
(Read the full article here)

Workshops like these are so very powerful because of the group magic

What do I mean by group magic?

There is something powerful when a group comes together with a purpose to lift each other, to support each other.There is something powerful for you in your declaration of your desires, when you hear them out loud - they become very real.  

I have experienced the power of the group magic  time and time again. You will feel and then understand this as when you join us. 


This is what Arlene had to say about the last workshop:  "What a blessing today is! I am happy and excited with the new knowledge, insight and direction." 

My own personal affirmation This workshop will consist of 

*discovery exercises 
*creative work with your words & thoughts 
(think hand writing and creating/colouring) 

Please know - even if you believe you are not a creative 'type' you will benefit from the personal touch of creating your own affirmation cards. 

We will explore your goals/desires and dreams and create the positive power filled thoughts to support them. 
From Jamie:  
"Fabulous as always. Beautiful time. I appreciate all the loving kindness"

Two dates to choose from:  

Due to the personal attention each participant will receive this workshop will have limited registration.

I look forward to having your attend -- email me here: karen@karenlarkin.ca with any questions you may have.