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Grover - enjoying the Vision Board Experience Vision Board Workshops 

A Vision Board is visual goal setting tool. You may have heard it referred to as a dream board as well. 

Imagine bringing your vision to life!

 Your vision for your life, or an aspect of your life; such as health, relationships, financial etc. 

Join us for a day where you cut and glue, words, pictures or items to a board, paper in a book or a canvas; and watch your dream life unfold. 

Here is another way to look at it: an interior designer will put together a board – with colours, textures etc. They have a vision for the space and that is what they create. Now you can do the same for your life! 

You dream, believe and then create magic....

The Vision Board Workshop is 
a life changing experience

I will come to your home/office and support you and at least 6 friends through the Vision Board Experience 

It is a supportive safe welcoming space in which to dream and create!

As your facilitator and guide for the event will ensure the space is filled with the supportive energy you require – all you need do is dwell in your world of possibility.  Understanding the concept of powerful positive intentions, I will guide you to make the best choices possible for your board. You will have plenty of time to dream and then create a beautiful personal board and you will finish with a powerful experience to energize and give life to your board.  

This workshop will be focused on self -- and how you look after yourself - all aspects of this. 

{If you have less than 6, let's discuss the options} 

Contact me with your questions.