Let's Work Together!

Clients I work with usually embody one or several of these traits, can you relate to any of these?  

  • Do you have a desire for more life fulfillment? 

  • Are you ready to connect with your soul's voice? 

  • Perhaps you desire permission to be yourself {finally}, yes you are enough!

  • Do you feel unhappy with one or more areas of your life?

  • Are you unsure of where to begin? With regard to the path of self development?

  • Do you wish to enhance their own self awareness? 

  • Are you looking for or seeking inspiration?

  • Are you looking for support for a specific project or goal?

Are you ready?   -- contact me here

Clients who achieve the most success from our time together are: 

  • willing to consider there may be a better way to do things

  • willing to practice then use powerful language & loving self talk 

  • willing to step up and take action from the insights received during our magical conversation 

  • willing to accept support 

  • willing to invest their themselves and their life 

Ways we can work together! 

Private Sessions 

One to one - you and I - together - discussing your dreams and all the possibilities! Very exciting! 

In person sessions are set up for a cozy, supportive, safe environment.  

We will agree upon a wonderful location and meet there. 

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New Packages for You
A short video - with a brief explanation on coaching packages.

We can meet via the digital world!   No travel is involved.  

I ask you set yourself up in a quiet place, where distractions and interruptions are minimized.

We can meet via FaceTime, SKYPE, Google Hangout, Zoom or Telephone 


45 minutes: $75
60 minutes: $100
75 minutes: $125 
90 minutes: $150


NEW*** -- Coaching Via Email - read more here


I love designing, leading and hosting workshops!  I offer a variety throughout the year and I encourage you to subscribe to my FB Events Page to stay connected with upcoming events OR join my Mailing List 

Current Workshops I Offer 

Are you Self Employed?  

A high percentage of my clients are self employed women - brilliant focused and sharp. 

These women are excited about their work, yet at times need a session or two to polish their determination.  Maybe they are new to social media, maybe they have gotten lost in the busy-ness of their business and feel disconnected from the heart of their business.  

For these brilliant ones I offer a fun and fabulous session:
Client Attraction 

Client Attraction -please see the page for me details, fees and to reserve your appointment.