Karen Larkin - Email Coaching - *NEW*
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Coaching via Email 

I am very excited to offer this form of service 

Not all forms of coaching works for everyone, this is why I am so pleased to add this to the way I offer my services.  

Digital, In person or via email; they all have their places. I am confident working together - you will be able to create a wonderful life.

One less thing on the schedule

Email Coaching may be fabulous for you! 

With email, of course, you will be writing, and writing can be a bonus benefit; sometimes, the magic of our thoughts, desires and dreams appears via the keyboard (truth).

  • The same professional standards of confidentiality apply - yet, you can see and keep this journal of our time together.
  • This may be perfect for those who feel waaaay better communicating via the keyboard without the face to face interaction.
  • We have time on our side with this style, both of us can consider what is said in a deeper more profound way. While I will still follow my inklings and intuition, I will also have some time for me to remain deeply curious about you and your goals.
  • With the act of writing - clarity can arrive in a swift and timely manner; simply by writing and sending the email - when you think about things - it can be dealt with promptly, even if my return email is not instant, the simple act of you taking action with the writing, can be helpful.

Begin today:  Intro Offer: $150/ month - max 6 email conversations/month

When you are ready send me an email - and I will send you questions to begin!  How exciting is this?!?