Karen Larkin - Create & Live a Life You Love

Thank you for being here ~ it is a deep honour to be able to do the work I love - and I KNOW it is because of wonderful people such as you. 

People, like yourself, saying, yes to their lives, yes to answering the longing for the forgotten depth of life. Saying, yes, to a richness of spirit and to a world filled with happiness, peace & joy. 

I use my training and skills I have been blessed to acquired from the past 27 years to fulfill my calling. 

My life's work is all about happiness, remembering to choose it, 
to be it & to share it.  

My calling also involves supporting you as you 
remember your true desire is to be happy.  

I support people by choosing to work as a Life Coach, Facilitator, Instructor, Consultant, Leader, Writer, Mentor & Yoga Teacher.
I have a passion for working with people ready to move forward into a life filled with love, joy and personal fulfillment.  

I enjoy, I love, really; hosting workshops and lectures in the area of personal wellness and development. 

I hold a grateful heart when I am involved in nourishing conversations during private client sessions.

I am an avid self directed learner, reader, writer & I love to journal, understanding this is my deep form of prayer and therefore creation.  

Here is link to find out the type of clients I love working with.  

I look forward to hearing from you.  Contact Me

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